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Definition: co-gent [kō'jənt] adj - convincing, clear, relevant, well grounded, incisive

AV System & Acoustics Design Consultancy

Drawing from years of experience in industrial design, system operation, performance production and event management, Cogent Acoustics understand the needs and requirements of its users and their unique application environments to design systems and solutions that are high performance but yet cost effective, and are non-product or supplier biased.


Combining R&D and field experience, and the use of precision test instruments such as NTI, TEF, Outline and Smaart, Cogent Acoustics is equipped to measure, test, analyse and provide precise optimized solutions for your AV system and room acoustics.


Cogent Acoustics conduct seminars and workshops that cater to the specific training needs and experience levels of the trainees and respective organisations, from school students to houses of worship volunteers to seasoned industry AV professionals.


Robert Soo, who has an extreme passion in AV systems, acoustics and music has worked with numerous commercial, entertainment, educational institutions and houses of worship both in Singapore and abroad for 25 years. He has also engineered multiple performance productions and conferences in venues ranging from public spaces, performance theatres to stadiums. His other experiences include Research & Development for more than ten years, developing professional microphones, audio devices and communication systems for an American MNC. The former Chairman and Advisor of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) of Singapore (2000-2003), he is also an accomplished musician and music arranger in his early years. In 2020, till today, he has been engaged by Intricon Asia as their Technical Consultant in professional audio product and strategic development.

"Mr Soo gave an excellent comparative account of the sound systems of classical and modern churches, citing examples both Singapore and abroad. It was obvious that Mr Soo is an authority on sound systems used in churches."
Dr Chew Tuan Chiong
Rotary Club (Singapore)
"I was the coordinator for a 10-week sound course taught by Mr. Robert Soo. I found him a humble and humorous teacher, always willing to share his experience and knowledge in audio engineering. Not only can he teach, he is also a gifted musician and singer!"
Priscilla Law
Overseas Radio Television
"As an audio consultant, I found his seminar both informative and practical. Robert Soo’s approach and techniques are easy to digest and apply. Robert also corrected and clarified audio related terms and debunked some of the myths. I believe the participants are happy with their “take-home” knowledge."
Marci Sang-olan​
TRACKSAcoustics, Corp.


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